Active Projects

  • Scalable, Reliable Distributed Systems
    • Hyperbolic Caching: Flexible caching for web applications
    • Replex: Unifying replication and indexing in distributed storage
    • Datacenter scheduling for approximate computing and machine learning
    • Rethinking the reliability of datacenter storage
  • Security, Privacy, and Anonymity
    • IoT security and software supply-chain attacks
    • CONIKS: Practical key verification for end users
    • Blockstack: Building a new secure, decentralized Internet

Previous Projects

  • Scalable, Reliable Distributed Systems
    • SwitchKV: SDN-enabled scale-out storage
    • Jetstream: Wide-area streaming analytics
    • Pisces and Libra:  Multi-tenant provisioning for shared cloud storage
    • COPS and Eiger: Scalable causal consistency for wide-area data replication
    • CRAQ: Strongly-consistent K-V storage using chain-replication
    • TRODS: Transparent failover for object delivery systems
  • Next-Generation and Programmable Networking
  • Internet Applications: Virtual Worlds
    • Sirikata: Large-scale virtual world architectures
    • Open3DHub: Content conditioning and distribution of 3D content for virtual worlds
  • Internet Applications: Content Distribution
  • System Security
  • Privacy and Anonymity


We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the National Science Foundation (Awards #0831374, #0904860, #0904729, #0953197, #1040123, #1040708, #1111734, #1250990), the Office of Naval Research (Young Investigator Program), DARPA (CSSG Program), the GENI Product Office (#1759 and #1833D), Sloan Foundation, Cisco Systems, Google, Intel (ISTC-VC and ISTC-CC), and Princeton University (Grand Challenges Program).  The findings, positions, or opinions of our research projects do not necessarily represent the official policy of any of these organizations.