This is the home page of the Princeton S* Network Systems (SNS) group within Princeton’s Computer Science Department. The undefined S* — Scalable, Secure, Self-Organizing, Self-Managing, Service-centric, Storage-based — characterizes the broad scope of our research.


Recent News

Mar-7-14 Passe to appear at ’14 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy.
Jan-24-14 Libra accepted to EuroSys ’14.
Jan-24-14 Concurrent cuckoo hashing accepted to EuroSys ’14.
Dec-7-13 JetStream accepted to NSDI ’14.
Nov-18-13 David Shue starts in Spanner Adv. Project group at Google.
Sep-7-13 Datacenter routing paper LocalFlow accepted to CoNext ’13.
Sep-7-13 Datacenter IP Multicast paper accepted to CoNext ’13.
Aug-1-13 Causal consistency in USENIX ;login:.
Jun-1-13 Sid Sen accepts position at Microsoft Research — Silicon Valley Campus.
Jun-1-13 Wyatt Lloyd accepts Assistant Professor position at USC, starting Fall 2014.

Recent Posts

02.25.13 Consistency, Availability, and Geo-Replicated Storage
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