Jan-22-18 Riffle accepted to EuroSys ’18.
Jan-17-18 SLAQ accepted to SysML ’18.
Sep-25-17 SLAQ wins Best Paper Award at SoCC ’17.
Jul-20-17 CONIKS wins the 2017 Caspar Bowden PET Award.
Jul-18-17 SLAQ accepted to SoCC ’17.
Dec-2-16 VideoStorm accepted to NSDI ’17.
May-13-15 CONIKS accepted to USENIX Security ’15.
Apr-28-15 Ravana accepted to SOSR ’15.
Dec-12-14 Freedman chairing ACM SOCC and LADIS conferences.
Oct-5-14 Tango presented at TRIOS ’14.
Jun-17-14 Ari Feldman to be Assistant Professor at U. Chicago.
May-3-14 HONE accepted to JNSM.
Mar-7-14 Passe appeared at ’14 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy.
Jan-24-14 Libra accepted to EuroSys ’14.
Jan-24-14 Concurrent cuckoo hashing accepted to EuroSys ’14.
Dec-7-13 JetStream accepted to NSDI ’14.
Nov-18-13 David Shue starts in Spanner Adv. Project group at Google.
Sep-7-13 Datacenter routing paper LocalFlow accepted to CoNext ’13.
Sep-7-13 Datacenter IP Multicast paper accepted to CoNext ’13.
Aug-1-13 Causal consistency in USENIX ;login:.
Jun-1-13 Sid Sen accepts position at Microsoft Research — Silicon Valley Campus.
Jun-1-13 Wyatt Lloyd accepts Assistant Professor position at USC, starting Fall 2014.
Apr-06-13 Freedman promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.
Mar-17-13 JetStream accepted to HotOS ’13.
Feb-28-13 Invited papers: IEEE Comm, IEEE DEB, and SIGMOBILE MCCR.
Dec-07-12 Eiger (stronger WAN consistency) accepted to NSDI ’13.
Dec-05-12 Community detection in NIPS ’12 Spotlight.
Nov-20-12 Pisces optimization decomposition in OSR ’13.
Aug-08-12 Frientegrity wins USENIX Security ’12 Best Student Paper.
Aug-07-12 Serval ECCP migration accepted to ICNP ’12.
Aug-02-12 Press about Serval: Princeton, Network World.
Jul-23-12 Freedman wins Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE), nominated by NSF.
Jul-18-12 PISCES accepted to OSDI ’12.
Jul-07-12 Sid Sen wins PODC Best Student Paper on Price of Equivocation.
Jul-01-12 JetStream and PISCES to appear in LADIS ’12.
Jun-29-12 Final Frientegrity, Sirikata, and js.js papers posted.
Apr-25-12 Serval gets Community Award honorable mention in NSDI ’12.
Apr-22-12 Frientegrity in USENIX Security ’12.
Apr-19-12 Price of Equivocation in PODC ’12.
Mar-30-12 Sirikata Content Conditioning accepted to ICME ’12.
Mar-30-12 js.js accepted to WebApps ’12.
Mar-23-12 Sirikata accepted to USENIX ATC ’12.
Mar-22-12 Camera ready for Serval and GreenUp papers posted.
Dec-15-11 Serval and GreenUp papers accepted to NSDI ’12.
Dec-1-11 Erik Nordström promoted to Associate Research Scholar.
Sept-17-11 Commensal Cuckoo award paper at LADIS, will appear in OSR.
Sept-16-11 Flash crowd analysis paper in IMC ’11 available.
Sept-9-11 COPS paper for SOSP ’11 available.
Aug-23-11 New websites for Serval and Open3DHub.
Aug-16-11 Serval manuscript posted.
Aug-3-11 BGP Safety paper accepted to WRIPE ’11.
July-15-11 Commensal Cuckoo accepted to LADIS ’11.
July-7-11 LocalFlow announcement accepted to DISC ’11.
June-16-11 COR paper accepted to FOCI ’11.
May-27-11 Frenetic accepted to ICFP ’11.
May-4-11 Identifying CDN bottlenecks accepted to W-MUST ’11.
Mar-1-11 TRODS accepted to DSN ’11
Feb-15-11 Freedman named 2011 Sloan Research Fellow.
Dec-8-10 Patrick Wendell wins CRA Oustanding Undergraduate Researcher for work on DONAR; Kay Ousterhout honorable mention.
Nov-19-10 PRESTO’10 paper on Frenetic (OpenFlow programming) available.
Sep-30-10 Tech Report for SCAFFOLD now available.
Sep-21-10 SPORC paper to appear at OSDI ’10 posted.
Aug-30-10 Awarded NSF FIA grant, as part of NEBULA project.
May-05-10 DIFANE and DONAR papers accepted to SIGCOMM ’10.
May-04-10 Collaborative private data analysis paper ready for PET.
Apr-07-10 Experiences with XTrace paper accepted to INM/WREN.
Mar-12-10 FCC broadband testing goes live, server selection by DONAR.
Mar-08-10 NSDI ’10 papers on CoralCDN and Prophecy posted.
Feb-18-10 Freedman receives NSF CAREER Award for robust datacenter services.
Feb-07-10 Jeff Terrace’s work with Yahoo! Research on Selectively Materializing User Event Feeds accepted to SIGMOD’10.
Dec-18-09 Two papers (Prophecy and CoralCDN retrospective) accepted to NSDI’10.
Dec-16-09 Google funds research on energy-aware datacenter services.
Dec-09-09 News fallout (1 2 3 4 5) from article on faulty DMCA notices.
Nov-09-09 Measurement Lab begins using DONAR for server selection.
Oct-12-09 GENI Project Office funds SCAFFOLD research and development.
Sep-28-09 Cisco funds SCAFFOLD research on service-centric networks.
Aug-10-09 Ethane published in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
Aug-01-09 NSF funds research on service-centric network architectures.
Aug-01-09 NSF funds research on peer-assisted content distribution.
July-10-09 Virtual worlds article in IEEE Pervasive Computing posted.
May-15-09 Siddhartha Sen receives a 2009 Google Fellowship.
Apr-30-09 CRAQ paper to appear in USENIX ’09 now available.
Apr-14-09 Mike Freedman receives the ONR Young Investigator Award.
Apr-02-09 Firecoral paper to appear in IPTPS ’09 now available.