Cloud-based Onion Routing

Internet censorship and surveillance have made anonymity tools increasingly critical for free and open Internet access. Tor, and its associated ecosystem of volunteer traffic relays, provides one of the most secure and widely available means for achieving Internet anonymity today. Unfortunately, Tor has limitations, including poor performance, inadequate capacity, and a susceptibility to wholesale blocking. Rather than utilizing a large number of volunteers (as Tor does), we propose moving onion-routing services to the “cloud” to leverage the large capacities, robust connectivity, and economies of scale inherent to commercial datacenters.


  • Hiding Amongst the Clouds: A Proposal for Cloud-based Onion Routing
    Nicholas Jones, Matvey Arye, Jacopo Cesareo, Michael J. Freedman
    To appear in USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet
    (FOCI ’11) San Francisco, CA. August 2011 [pdf]


(Appeared at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP), June 2011)