Applicants Interested in SNS Group

Princeton is an exciting place to do research in computer science, and I hope that you will consider it. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • I am looking for highly motivated, top-quality graduate students interested in systems, networking, or security. I typically take at least one Ph.D. and/or Masters student per year, and all admitted graduate students get full financial support. I would be very happy to discuss specific research questions you might have about my own work, or discuss specific problems you are interested in pursuing that fall within my research interests. However, first see materials on my website or that of my group. In particular, you should read my research statement to understand the types of problems my group works on.
  • Sending generic emails to individual faculty members does not help your application. Students are admitted to the graduate program, and not to research groups of individual faculty members. If you are interested in working with me, however, I do encourage you to mention this in your application. Applications are due around December; more information can be found here. A systems colleague also has great answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • It is impossible for me to evaluate your chances for admission, so please don’t send your CV and ask for my prediction. A general guideline is that we usually only admit students who are at or close to the top of their class in terms of academic strength and research potential.
  • I do not take long-term Ph.D. visitors from foreign universities, unless I happen already to know your work or your advisor. “Full” support through programs like the China Scholarships Council (CSC) only covers about half the costs of funding a visitor.
  • I do not have any internships for undergraduates from foreign universities, nor does Princeton support visa applications for summer internships.  Sorry.

Mike Freedman