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Consistency, Availability, and Geo-Replicated Storage

For the past few years, we’ve been working on problems related to geo-replicated storage. We want to store data “in the cloud,” but that data should reside within multiple datacenters, not just in a single one.  When data is geographically replicated in such a fashion: Users can experience lower latency by accessing a datacenter near to them, […]

JavaScript in JavaScript (js.js): Sandboxing Third-Party Scripts

js.js is a JavaScript interpreter (which runs in JavaScript) that allows an application to execute a third-party script inside a completely isolated, sandboxed environment. An application can, at runtime, create and interact with the objects, properties, and methods available from within the sandboxed environment, giving it complete control over the third-party script. js.js supports the full range of the JavaScript language, is compatible with major browsers, and is resilient to attacks from malicious scripts. In this post, I’ll outline what js.js is, how it works, demonstrate a sample application that uses it, and show results of a performance analysis.

Princeton CS hiring again this year

This year saw some great faculty additions to the CS department: Mark Braverman in theoretical computer science, Zeev Dvir in TCS and Math, Rebecca Fiebrink in computational music and HCI (hired in 2010), and David Wentzlaff in the EE department, although his work includes the very CS-like topics of computer architecture and operating systems. This […]

Should We Extend Conference Q&A With Written Responses?

The CS community recently discussed extending the Q&A session that occurs after each talk at a conference into a more formal written Q&A.  More specifically, this was raised during the business meeting at SOSP and the proposal was to publish the results in SIGOPS OSR.  The idea was this written extension to Q&A could really […]

Masquerading ACM Authorizer Links

ACM recently released the ACM Authorizer service. It allows authors of ACM papers to link to ACM’s digital library from their website. Users who click the link will receive access to the author’s paper free of charge. The main concerns I had about changing my website to link to this new service are: If ACM’s […]