Postdocs and the CIFellows program

Some of you might have heard about the Computing Innovation Fellows program, which is a new funding opportunity for recent PhDs interested in pursuing a 1-2 year postdoc.  Realistically, this program was a response to the terrible job market (both in academia and at research labs) that graduates are facing this year.  It’s pretty impressive that the CCC and CRA were able to put together the plan, funding, and organizing so quickly!  For those not aware of the program and interested in a postdoc next year, check it out.  Applications are due June 9, 2009.

I also just listed myself as a possible research mentor for CI Fellows.  If you are interested in joining the SNS group as a postdoc for the next year or two, please contact me.   Program applicants must have possible mentors aligned before they submit an application.

We particularly are looking for postdocs interested in the SCAFFOLD project, a new project that Jen Rexford, myself, and a number of students are starting up.  SCAFFOLD focuses on new network and service architectures both within and across datacenters, as well as to provide the basis for a next-generation Internet.  (Yes, the project’s web page is still pretty bare — perhaps a good clue as to how much impact that a postdoc could have on the project.)

Of course, those interested in other areas of my research—CDNs, fault-tolerance, virtual worlds, system monitoring, peer-to-peer, Web security, privacy-preserving systems, etc., to name a few—are similarly welcome to contact me.

  • I am looking for postdocs to work in my Blogon projects related